Just as specialized as you are

We provide directionally focused insurance solutions.

Just as specialized
as you are

We provide directionally focused insurance solutions.

Insurance Solutions

Our goal is to be a trusted resource for risk management, a long term partner in our clients’ business success and a provider of economical insurance solutions.


Louie Parker & Smith Insurance Services is committed to serving our clients with honesty, humility and professional integrity. 
Assurance that your business operations, assets, people and customers are properly protected can be a challenge to define. We help you consider the spectrum of risk scenarios for anything meaningful to you.

By investing in relationship capital with direct underwriting insurance carriers, we optimize your insurance purchasing power without sacrificing quality coverage. We’re confident that partnering with our team will be a valuable advantage that distinguishes your business!

Insurance Solutions

Insurance is a promise to protect and defend you.
These promises are only as valid as the people and companies who issue them. Our word is our reputation, and neither is worth compromising.

trucking & logistics Insurance

Trucking and Logistics can be complicated with government compliance, economic unknowns and industry variances. 

We make the insurance process easy, understandable and affordable so that you will have one less thing to worry about. Allow us to customize an insurance program specific to your transportation and freight needs.

Ambulance & NEMT Insurance

Patient transport (urgent or non urgent) is vital to our communities, but it often comes with unique business challenges to those companies responding to the call. 

We speak the ambulance and NEMT language. We are well versed in specialized  insurance coverages and regulatory compliance to keep your business responsive to patients’ needs.

Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance
Your time and premium savings are always important to us. We believe peace of mind is equally important for the business you’ve worked hard for. 
LPS Insurance specialists are committed to learning about your business so that you will be prepared and insured for the unexpected.
Risk Management
Routine insurance servicing to keep your business functioning is a must. 
At LPS, we go beyond average service and proactively advise on how to increase your profitability by reducing and eliminating risk scenarios that directly affect your bottom line. 
Learn more about how our risk management advisement boosts your operational efficiencies.


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