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Similar to our ambulance clients’ business, LPS will always be quick to respond to your ambulance & NEMT insurance needs, but never in too much of a hurry to explain the details.

The ambulance and non emergency medical transport (NEMT) industry has become increasingly relevant with aging populations and specialized medical care facilities.  Added pressures from government regulations and emphasis on patient care experience have created an industry that must be highly specialized, technical and professional.

At LPS, we’ve fully supported the ambulance and NEMT industry through trade association involvement, and continued in-house product development of unique insurance solutions that enhance the protection for our clients.  

Because of our industry focus, our team has become one of the largest providers of ambulance and NEMT insurance services across the United States. Our depth of direct underwriting insurance carrier partnerships committed specifically to the needs of ambulance and NEMT knows no bounds. 

We desire to know your business intimately and can offer a variety of traditional insurance products, as well as preferred access to captive insurance programs.

Our Team

We believe building trust is best achieved by listening intently to our clients. Our team desires to hear who you are personally and professionally. By knowing you beyond data points, we’re able to successfully navigate risk scenarios and insurance underwriting conversations. We lean into the challenges, and will always act in the best interest of our clients.

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